Enterprise Learning Labs

Experiential learning through project-based enterprises devised around socially responsible, small business projects. Small group, community supported and emphasizing the 21st Century Competencies. Includes badging and portfolio design; optional academic path in Entrepreneurial Studies.


Life Skills Immersion Weekend

Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Hands on learning in a safe, supportive “real world” setting. Covers skills related to independent living such as meal planning and prep, household tasks, hygiene and self-care as well as recreational endeavors. Interpersonal skills emphasized.

Parent Inclusion Academy

Partners in achievement!

This 4 hour intensive training program introduces parents to the skills, strategies and techniques that we use to assist individuals with disabilities to become self advocates, to be "in the driver's seat" in their own lives. We cover essential information regarding services, resources and support for families. The goal of the training is to equip parents to work with service providers in an effective, harmonious partnership!


Parent Engagement

Perhaps the single most important component of student success, ALT promotes effective, meaningful parent and community involvement by incorporating Joyce Epstein’s Six Type Model in all of our programs. Parents are welcomed, valued and included in every aspect of our organization, from Board of Directors to partners to co-trainers.

Pre-Employment Services

Pre-Employment Counseling, Job Placement, On-the-job Training, Business Plan Development, Youth Peer Mentoring, Training and Support

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Customized Employment

Facilitated group Discovery leading to customized outcomes including supported self-employment, resource ownership, job negotiation, micro-enterprise, cottage industry and entrepreneur-ism. Careers in the Arts, Community Mentorships and other explorations.

Network on Transition for Private and Charter Schools

It is our goal to reach all individuals with disabilities and to act as a resource and liaison to those outside of a public school setting. We are actively involved with the Interagency Council of Brevard and intend to disseminate information and resources to connect private and charter schools with all that Brevard County has to offer.

21st Century Competencies

The top 10 identified characteristics correlated with success in the workplace heavily emphasize emotional intelligence. Through our close relationship with the Social Emotional Learning Foundation, we are able to leverage cutting edge tools and resources to help us teach, model and reinforce these essential markers of success with our clients and families.


Countless hours of research and training over the past 5+ years has led us to evidence-based, nutritional and lifestyle models to enhance overall health and optimal brain functioning. We are certified to assist families and individuals to customize a healthy lifestyle through one-on-one nutritional counseling and affordable group programs.

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