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Center for Entrepreneurial Exploration

The Agency for Life Transformations (ALT) has devised an innovation that combines Discovery and 21st Century Competencies with a model for work-based, experiential learning (Enterprise Learning Labs) to offer consumers a customized pre-employment training approach which leads directly to entrepreneurial or wage employment outcomes.

We begin our exploration of customized employment with a thorough process of self-discovery which reveals the individual’s skills, strengths, aptitudes and interests that inform the Blueprint for Employment. This learning is delivered in a dynamic, real-world “classroom” made up of a micro-enterprise project team of community mentors, business experts, specialists and consumers.


A process of self-analysis
  1. Building a job search team

  2. Identifying interests and contributions

  3. Revealing personality traits

  4. Emerging vocational themes

  5. Accommodations and modifications needed

  6. Building a network


Outcome: Blueprint for Employment

10 Transformative Competencies for Enterprise Learning

Executive functioning, social and emotional skill building
  1. Self-awareness

  2. Analysis

  3. Resilience

  4. Empathy

  5. Digital fluency

  6. Adaptability

  7. Collaboration

  8. Entrepreneurial mindset

  9. Social diversity

  10. Communication


Outcome: Mastery in competencies as demonstrated by earning micro-credentials and formative assessments.

Enterprise Learning Lab

Putting self-knowledge and core competencies into practice to create micro-enterprise
  1. Business concept

  2. Feasibility study

  3. Market analysis

  4. Business plan mapping

  5. Marketing plan

  6. Financials

  7. Business launch

Outcome: Completed business plan and successful business launch.

We combine these activities with our service delivery model to improve lives

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